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  • Real Time Marine Traffic Map

    This interactive marine traffic map provides real-time information, about ship movements and ports.


    US Coast Guard Maritime Information Exchange.
    Searchable databases on maritime information made available to the public by the US Coast Guard.

  • Port of N.O.

    This is the official website of the Port of New Orleans.

  • Tulane Maritime Law Journal

    Includes scholarly works written by academics, practitioners, and students concerning current topics in admiralty and maritime law.

  • Hellenic Republic

    This is the official website of Greece in the USA. The consulate nearest to our office is located in Houston, TX.

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

    This is the official website of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral which is at the center of the Greek community in New Orleans.

  • The National Herald

    A New York based online daily newspaper for Greek-Americans.

  • Kathimerini

    The English edition of an online daily Greek newspaper.