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  • The American Bar Association journal identified the most recent of a series of legal services provided “quick and easy.” As the story goes, the client signs up online, provides a summary of the issue, pays $39 and gets a call back in 15 minutes from an attorney who is willing to give him/her advice for 15 minutes. It all sounds good, until you act on what you think that advise was. This is not to say that the advise was bad, or that the attorney is not competent in the field of inquiry; it reflects on the time restrictions inherent in this business model.

  • In a recent article by John James of Patient Safety America, the author discloses that the evidence based estimate of hospital preventable adverse events (PAEs) affecting patients and leading to death is now more than 400,000 per year. In comparison, 1984 data examined by the Institute of Medicine lead to an estimate that 98,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. Whether the number is 98,000 or 400,000, there is little doubt that there is a problem with the administration of health care in our country.