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  • The American Bar Association journal identified the most recent of a series of legal services provided “quick and easy.” As the story goes, the client signs up online, provides a summary of the issue, pays $39 and gets a call back in 15 minutes from an attorney who is willing to give him/her advice for 15 minutes. It all sounds good, until you act on what you think that advise was. This is not to say that the advise was bad, or that the attorney is not competent in the field of inquiry; it reflects on the time restrictions inherent in this business model.

  • According to a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Time for the ‘Estate’ Talk”, once parents decide to engage in written estate planning, they should also consider disclosing their decisions to their adult children. About as appealing as the “sex talk” with young ones, this “talk” usually causes parents serious trepidation and is probably not one of the best of ideas propounded by the journal.

  • Most will find it morbid to plan for their death, and almost all believe that their decedents will peacefully divide their estate in an orderly fashion; the reality is usually something entirely different. For example, without the presence of a parent, siblings will often argue over the most petty of matters.