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  • The American Bar Association journal identified the most recent of a series of legal services provided “quick and easy.” As the story goes, the client signs up online, provides a summary of the issue, pays $39 and gets a call back in 15 minutes from an attorney who is willing to give him/her advice for 15 minutes. It all sounds good, until you act on what you think that advise was. This is not to say that the advise was bad, or that the attorney is not competent in the field of inquiry; it reflects on the time restrictions inherent in this business model.

  • More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to form Limited Liability Companies. These people want the protection provided by the corporate structure, without some of the formalities associated with corporations. While LLCs can provide the best of both worlds, most who enter this structure forget the most important element: operating agreements.

  • Aereo, Inc. is fighting a battle of survival before the US Supreme Court. Who are the company’s opponents? Every single TV content provider, with major broadcasting companies leading the way. Aereo takes free television signals from the airwaves and repackages them to be accessible through the Internet on smart phones, laptops, and the new “smart” TVs. Of course, it charges its subscribers a fee for the service. For those of us who are technology-impaired, this may seem like a strange fight.