Medicare adjustments effective January 1, 2015

Medicare Part A Costs

Generally, most people over 65 years of age do not pay for Medicare Part A coverage. However, if you do not have enough work history can you pay anywhere from: $224 (if you have worked and paid taxes for 30 to 39 quarters) to $407 (if you have worked and paid taxes for less than 30 quarters).

The Medicare Part A deductable for 2015, is $1260. Co-pay for days spent in the hospital is structured: 0-60 days is $0, 61-90 days is $304 per day, 90+ days is $608. Also, co-pay for days spent in a skilled nursing care facility is structured: 0-20 days is $0, 20-100 days is about $158 per day, 101+ days the patient incurs the cost in full.


Medicare Part B Costs

Premiums and deductibles for Medicare Part B are left unchanged since 2014, costing about $105 for most people. The cost of Medicare Part B is affected by your annual income.

In 2015, the deductable for Medicare Part B is $147. After paying that set deductable amount, you are responsible for a 20% co-pay of the Medicare-approved amount charged by providers for your health-care services.

There are caps for the following Medicare Part B costs in 2015: Outpatient physical therapy and speech language pathology- $1,940 combined; Occupational therapy- $1,940.


Medicare Part D Costs

Premiums for Medicare Part D depends which plan you select.

The deductable for a standard Medicare Part D plan in 2015, is $320 – although some plans waive the deductible.

In 2015, the coverage gap begins at $2,960 and ends at $4,700. While you’re in the coverage gap, name brand drugs must be sold to you at a 55% discount and generic drugs at 35% discount. There are also subsidies available for those in need.


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