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  • Aereo, Inc. is fighting a battle of survival before the US Supreme Court. Who are the company’s opponents? Every single TV content provider, with major broadcasting companies leading the way. Aereo takes free television signals from the airwaves and repackages them to be accessible through the Internet on smart phones, laptops, and the new “smart” TVs. Of course, it charges its subscribers a fee for the service. For those of us who are technology-impaired, this may seem like a strange fight.

  • At least thirteen deaths are reportedly related to a defective ignition switch installed in various General Motors models. GM has acknowledged that switches used in some of its small cars were quietly changed in 2007 to provide more torque, reducing the chance of turning off the engines. However, it was in fact reported that after requesting their vendor to change these switches, the part number (traditionally changed any time there is a change in the part to avoid confusion with prior, different parts) remained the same.